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AstrologyHow To Find Indicators Of Psychic Ability In Your Birth Chart

How To Find Indicators Of Psychic Ability In Your Birth Chart

Some solar, lunar and planetary placements on birth charts can indicate psychic ability. A number of placements suggest innate intuition or heightened sensitivity, but the subject of each birth chart must choose to develop these traits to gain meaningful insight. Learn more about some potential indicators of psychic ability and find out how to connect with psychics near me who specialize in astrology and can help you interpret your birth chart.

What Can Your Birth Chart Tell You?

Some placements on your birth chart indicate that you have a strong intuition or could be sensitive to subtle energy. You may have significant major placements or several minor indicators of psychic ability on your birth chart. Getting a reading from the best psychic astrologers online by phone or chat that is based on your chart can give you a clearer sense of your innate abilities.

Placements in the eighth, ninth and twelfth houses on your natal chart can be particularly revealing with regard to psychic ability. The eighth house corresponds to intimacy, death and rebirth. The ninth house is associated with learning and philosophy. Placements in the twelfth house of your chart can be particularly revealing, as this house is associated with spirituality and the subconscious.

Understanding Planets & Meanings That Indicate Psychic Ability

You can get a sense of your level of psychic potential by determining the location of the moon and the outer planets Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune on your chart. As these planets take longer to travel through each zodiac sign than the inner planets, the houses in which these planets appear can be more significant indicators of psychic abilities.

If one or more of the outer planets is in the eighth, ninth or twelfth house of your birth chart, you may be more likely to be psychic. The presence of water signs on a free birth chart can also suggest psychic capabilities. The water signs include Cancer, which is associated with the moon; Scorpio, which is associated with Pluto; and Pisces, which is associated with Neptune and Jupiter. 

Tips for Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Anyone can work toward developing their intuition, regardless of the placements on their birth chart. If you have placements that are associated with psychic potential, you may be more inclined to listen to your inner voice and strengthen these innate abilities. You might experiment with visualization and try to connect with the energy of people and objects. It is important to be aware that this practice can expose you to intense energy that could be positive or negative. You should consider getting a psychic reading to guide your efforts and apprise you of potential challenges.

Birth chart placements that indicate heightened extrasensory abilities do not guarantee that you will develop as a psychic. Skilled readers strengthen their innate gifts over years of practice to provide insightful readings. Getting a psychic reading based on your birth chart can help you better understand significant placements, draw meaningful connections and identify the best ways to develop your own abilities.


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