Archery is popular and a famous in the origins or the entities based on the state of Meghalaya and among the game, Khanapara Teer is or identified within the list of one of the most popular archery-based games or the gameplay of the link or events in and around the state.Thousands or the count of eagerly wait for the purpose of evening so that they can or can check or verify the results or the outcomes on every working or an usual day.


    The Khanapara Teer is or identified as or within the form of a lottery based on the platforms of archery and is played on the exact day of Monday to Saturday except or excluding the holidays at the points of Them Marwet at the specificity of Khanapara in the entity of Ri Bhoi district.The Khanapara Teer is organised or associated by the means of the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association or the associated outcomes or results for the purpose of the first round of the Khanapara Teer Result are announced or declared at the time count of evening 4:00 pm and the second round within a time count at evening of 4:45 pm.

    Tickets :

    To or for the purpose of or to participate in the lottery, one has to purchase or just buy a coupon or a ticket that can or has the potential to be bought from over a counter count of 5,500 ticket counters across or throughout the state.The tickets or coupons can or will have the potential to be purchased between the time count of 10:00 am to 3:30 pm from the origins of authorised counters on all working or the scheduled days.While the results or the outcomes are displayed on the platforms of booking counters each or early evening, the fastest or the quickened method or way to check the results is by the means of logging on to the group of which instantly or quickly uploads the results or the outcome for each day.

    Working process:

    People interested or likely to be in khanapara teer result list are to predict or identify a number from the points of 0 to 99 and then purchase or buy a ticket.The game associates of Khanapara Teer is of the simplified version. Archers will or have the ability to participate in the game and will hit or construct a target. The last two digits of the total number or the eventful stage of arrows that hit the target are the magic or the witness or winning based numbers.

    People or the individuals who had predicted the number correctively are the winners of the related gameplay.

    As or through the points of Khanapara lies along the inter-state based issue of the border, many people or the individuals of Assam too take part in the game of or relating to the Khanapara Teer.


    Lastly,you can achieve the same by reaching to the professional webpage associated with Assam lotteries official. Then tap on the alternative of Lottery Result.Then you need to search for “Teer result”.Tapping on the Today Teer lottery and then result view based link associated .Lastly you need to tally your number associated with the lottery to find out if you won or lost.