Lab Trak is a fully included Medical Practice Management Software calculated to serve Enterprises and agencies. LabTrak provides end-to-end solutions calculated for Web App. This online Medical Practice Management system suggests Data Analysis Auditing, Data Security, Physician Test Panels, EMR Interface, and Sample Following in one place.

    Key Features of Lab Trak

    Here are the robust geographies that make Lab Trak stand out from the competition. Crammed with innovative tools and advanced functionalities, this package offers a range of benefits.

    • Data Safety
    • Data Analysis Reviewing
    • EMR Interface
    • Fax Administration
    • Lab Instrument Border
    • Physician Test Panels
    • Sample Following

    Uses of Lab trak

    Lab Trak helps bring instruction to your workflow and enables you to monitor, then take corrective actions and make continuous developments at all stages of the lab process, from sample collection to the dispatch of results. Every feature is intended to improve clinical accuracy, increase proceeds/efficiency, and reduce cost.

    B2B Client Registration

    • Intended for B2B clientele requirements
    • Simplified corporate shopper registration
    • Map operative walk-ins with company ID
    • Streamlined registration to portray process
    • Camp Registration and Promoting
    • Direct purchaser outreach through camps
    • Easy B2C customer recording
    • Camp Registration eye for simplicity
    • Record walk-in details for CRM
    • Discount Switch in Billing
    • Manager-controlled markdown settings
    • Flexibility to let or disallow discounts
    • Payment Gateway
    • Diverse payment selections for patients
    • Cash, Credit Cards, Cheques, movable wallets
    • Integrated finance unit for convenience
    • Sample Collection by Rider
    • Simple totaling of home collection charges
    • Link collected sample to patient ID
    • Automated charging for the next bill
    • Bill Cancel/Refund Options
    • Customizable item-level billing
    • Cancel complete mouths or individual items
    • Mechanical financial implications
    • Phlebotomy
    • Booking tests besides appointments
    • Booking slots for lab tests
    • Assigning phlebotomists based on demand
    • Region-wise assignments for staff
    • Charging
    • Generate due beaks for patients
    • Aging report for unpaid bills
    • Cues for due bills
    • Item and bill level reduction flexibility
    • Uncompromising security besides compliance

    It is vital that every facet of your business—from procedures to the technology used—is secure, adheres to global privacy standards, and acquiesces with laws worldwide. With CARE Lab trak, systems and data are secure from day one, short of the need for internal resources or the high management cost of other systems.

    Lab Trak Benefits

    • Emirates Card reader mixing for easy capturing of patient demographic data.
    • Customized template for bulk registration/ Bulk consequence Entry with download/upload features.
    • Bulk Barcode Generation, Bulk Authorisation, then Bulk Dispatch features are enabled.
    • QR code Integrated patient reports, Auto SMS, Email, Zipped folder download options
    • Al Hosn, Malaffi, and Hasana mixings for seamless data access.
    • UID No, Nationality and country are compulsory fields for COVID registration.


    Lab trak™ can help you track the drive of your samples throughout your supply chain and storage and your methodical processes. Once an item is associated, you will have complete visibility of that item’s history and status, automatically producing a chain of custody as it moves.

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