The online comics Popular Korean novel Dejected Royal Daughter tells the story of a princess who loses both her father and her spouse. Tia, the princess, is compelled to reside in a hidden bedroom and is prohibited from interacting with any other people there.

    The series’ most recent chapters make it clear that Tia is in fact the former emperor’s our tyrant became young spoiler daughter. Ruve, the reigning emperor, is not her natural father. Tia’s life is affected in a number of ways by this discovery.

    First of all, it implies that Tia is not the resigned royal daughter. She is the throne’s legitimate heir. She now has a legitimate claim to the throne, which she might decide to exercise in the future.

    Second, it implies that Tia and Ruve’s connection is more complicated than first appears. Ruve is still her husband even though he is not her biological father. As a result, Tia and Ruve are considered to be step-siblings.

    The series’ direction could be altered by the discovery of Tia’s real parents. It is unknown how Tia will respond to this information and what she will do next.

    The Consequences of the Spoiler

    The story is affected in a number of ways by the Dejected Royal Daughter spoiler. It firstly implies that Tia’s character arc will probably shift. Tia has been described as a princess who feels hopeless and helpless.

    She is, however, the legitimate heir to the kingdom as a result of the discovery of her real origins. This can instill Tia with a fresh feeling of motivation and purpose.

    Second, the spoiler might affect Tia and Eve’s relationship in some way. The reputation of Ruve as an emperor of coldness and ruthlessness exists. The knowledge that he is not Tia’s real father, though, might cause him to change his perspective on her. This might result in a deeper and more nuanced connection between the two characters.

    Dejected Royal Daughter’s spoiler could ultimately alter the path of the series.

    The Fans’ Response

    Fans’ reactions to the Dejected Royal Daughter spoiler have been conflicted. The possibility of a change in Tia’s character arc has some fans giddy. Others are concerned that the spoiler will result in a less intriguing and more predictable plot.How the author chooses to explore the spoiler’s implications won’t be known for some time. The potential for this bombshell to alter the trajectory of Dejected Royal Daughter is undeniable, though.