Several websites offer real cash just for completing micro tasks online. Users must watch videos, play games, and click on ads for some tasks. But lately, a new type of platform has gained popularity. This platform allows you to earn money just by reading emails. One of the most famous and well-known platforms is Volutic.

    Volutic: Read Emails & Earn Money

    Lately, a new platform called Volutic has surfaced on the internet. It offers the opportunity to earn money just by reading emails. Indeed, it sounds easy and suspicious, too. However, according to this advertisement, it has already paid $1831 for its users. It has a user base of 12,155 people around the globe. Everything seems legit now, but let’s understand how it works below.

    How Does Volutic Work?

    The Volutic works in a very straightforward way. It offers the panel to its users and asks them to open the email and click on the ad. Once the timer reaches zero, the earned reward will be added to the user’s account wallet. Once the user reaches the minimum withdrawal amount, they can withdraw the money.

    The behind-the-curtain story is that it hides the ads in the email, and a user needs to watch the advertisement for a limited time. Once the time counter hits zero, the Volutic gets paid by the advertiser. Then, it shares 90% of the ad commission with the user and keeps the remaining 10% for itself.

    What Does Volutic have to offer?

    It mostly offers two ways to earn money. Here are the ways to make money from the Volutic website:

    • Read Emails: Volutic allows the user to read email and get paid for it. It offers $0.2 for each email a user reads. The minimum requirement to get paid is $0.1000. Once a user hits that limit, he/she will be eligible to cash out the money from their wallet.
    • Referrals: Another way to earn money from the Volutic is through referrals. It offers $1 for each referral, a limited-time offer. Besides, once a referred user starts reading emails on the volutes to earn money, the user also gets the commission from the referral’s payout.

    Registration Process of Volutic

    Like any other money-making website, it offers a registration form that requires you to fill out a username, email, and password and confirm your password. Here is the step-by-step process to register on the Volutic:

    1. Go to the official website of Volutic.
    2. Click on the register button.
    3. Fill out the details as mentioned above.
    4. Mark all three boxes.
    5. Hit the register button.

    The registration is complete. A user has to verify their email address. Here is the procedure:

    1. Login to your email.
    2. Go to your inbox.
    3. Find the email from Volutic. (Check the spam folder if it is not in the inbox folder.) 
    4. Click on the link.

    Voila! You verified your email, which is confirmed. Go to the official website, log in, and start making money.

    The Money Withdrawal Process of Volutic 

    To withdraw money from an account wallet, a user must verify the account. It also offers a video tutorial about verifying your account for payouts. A user can access the tutorial on the official website. Here is the step-by-step process for the Volutic account verification process:

    1. First, log in to the Volutic portal 
    2. Go to Account Settings
    3. Go to the Phone 
    4. Mention your mobile number and click on SAVE
    5. Enter the OTP received on the entered phone number 
    6. Click on the Confirm 

    Congrats! The account is verified. After the account verification, a user can process the payout. But here is the fun fact: the Volutic platform pays in cryptocurrency. Now, a user needs a Bitcoin address to get paid. But luckily, if a user has a Bitcoin address, then here are the payout steps:

    1. Login to the dashboard Portal
    2. Go to Settings 
    3. Click on Linked Addresses
    4. Add your Bitcoin address
    5. Now hit the withdrawal.

    Advantages of Volutic Website

    The Volutic website offers a plethora of advantages. Here is the vital advantage of this platform:

    • Earn with ease: A user can easily earn through the Volutic website. An individual just needs to read the email to earn on this portal. That is, the reward will be added to the account wallet.
    • Low Threshold for Payout: The threshold for the payout is low on this website. A user can quickly get the first payout in a week. Hence, it is helpful for the user to understand whether it is worth it or not.
    • Accessible for various devices: It can be accessible on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. According to the situation, a user can use the device to earn from this platform.

    Disadvantages Of Volutic Website

    • Low Payout: The payout for Volutic is very low. After reading many emails, the user would only be eligible to make $1. But if you have the mindset that something is better than nothing, then this platform is for you.
    • Lack of payment options: It offers the payout in Bitcoin. There is no other option available. Hence, a user needs a Bitcoin address or wallet to get the payout.
    • Lack of earning methods: A user can earn from a website in two ways. The first is by reading emails, and the second is by referrals. There is no other way to make money with the Volutic website.

    Is a Volutic Website a Scam or Legit?

    Let’s look at it this way: The volutic website advertises itself as an earning website. It is true. But the rewards could be much higher. It is a legit website to make some extra money. But it takes lots of time to earn it. And a user needs the Bitcoin address to get the payout.


    The Volutic website helps the user make money just by reading emails. It can be helpful for lots of individuals worldwide. However, the user needs to understand that the rewards are extremely low. Thus, if you’ve got some idle time in hand, try Volutic!