When placing sports bets, you won’t always win. However, there are certain strategies you can follow that can improve your chances. Some sports bets are safer than others.    

    Bet on the money line 

    Money line bets are less risky than some other bets. If the team you bet on wins, you win the bet. It is a very basic type of bet but it can be profitable. If the team you choose wins, you receive a payout on the odds. Teams are split into two categories: the favorite and the underdog.   

    Sports bettors can place money line bets using their mobile phones and sports betting apps. There’s a negative sign for the favorite team (-) and a positive sign (+) for the underdog. If a game has a money line of Team A (+150) and Team B (-150), you immediately know that Team B is expected to win. A bet on it will pay out less because it is the favorite. 

    Learn the point spread 

    Points spread betting involves betting on whether a team will win by a margin set by bookmakers. A point spread bet for the NFL may look like this: Kansas City Chiefs -5.5 (-110) versus Detroit Lions +5.5 (+110). The Chiefs are the favorite team and would need to win the game by six or more points. As the underdog, the Detroit Lions would need to win or not lose by more than five points. 

    Make a run-line bet 

    There are many reasons why we love sports but one is that we connect with the teams and the players. Many sports bettors enjoy betting on baseball. You can place a run-line bet. The runline is a 1.5-point spread set and the favorite team must win by two runs or more if you want to win your runline bet. The underdog must win the game or lose by only one run.

    In a baseball game, the New York Yankees may be playing the Boston Red Socks. The New York Yankees are the favorites at -1.5 and the Red Socks are the underdogs at +1.5. The Yankees would have to win by two runs or more. The Red Socks would have to win or not lose by more than one run.

    Specialize in one sport

    If you try to bet on too many sports, you can spread yourself too thin. A narrower focus can give you more of an edge. You can then do more direct research on the specific sport. There’s a solution if you want to unblock sports streaming sites. A free proxy service can bypass internet filters and unblock a website. As you become more of a specialist and bet on one sport, you will see your bankroll starting to grow.